Attached HERE is the 2022 First Calendar Quarter Newletter

Attached HERE is the member letter in regards to information about the unions new EAP program that is free for our members and immediate family. This EAP replaces our old program but still offers all the same great benefits.

Attached HERE are the minutes from the 2022, 1st fiscal quarter executive board meeting minutes.

Attached HERE is the Certified results of the 2022 Midterm Election for Trustee.

Attached HERE is information in regards to the 2022 IUE Scholarships.

Attached HERE is a letter to give notice of a midterm election, due to the vacant position of Trustee on the Executive Board with more than 1 year remaining in the current term.

Attached HERE is a copy of the 2021 Fourth Calender Quarter Newsletter.

Attached HERE are the minutes from the 2021, 4th fiscal quarter executive board meeting.