The union filed a grievance with Visionworks over the use of apprentices and how it relates to the relationship with their sponsors. This grievance was not settled and went to arbitration.

Arbitration was held in October and November.

Attached HERE is the unions brief in regards to the arbitration.

Attached HERE is a copy of the 2019 4th Calender Quarter Newsletter

Attached HERE are the minutes from the 2019 4th fiscal quarter executive board meeting.

Click HERE to read the minutes form the 2019 General Membership Meeting.

Attached HERE is the 4th Fiscal Quarter Newsletter.

Attached HERE, are the minutes of the meeting from the 2019 3rd fiscal quarter Executive Board Meeting.

Please click on the link below to see the interview Local President, Jason Johnson conducted with Writer and Group Editor Andrew Karp of Vision Monday. . . .

Attached HERE is a copy of the 2019 3rd Fiscal Quarter Newsletter.